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Anyone who has renovated their kitchen, yard, she-shed or man-cave can tell you how satisfying it is to make something outdated feel shiny, new, and personalized just for you. The same concept applies to your inner world.

You can learn how to redraw the lines of your mind map to reflect the results you desire. Just like a kitchen renovation.

Nosce Te Ipsum is the motto of Mind Map Renovations, which is Latin for “Know Thyself”. And that is exactly what we are setting out to do as part of this coaching process. The more you know yourself, the more you can choose to live intentionally. As you live with more intention, the more you will be in alignment with your core values and life goals.

As a result, your self-esteem will be higher. Your sense of agency will increase. You will have a free-flowing wellspring of motivation to draw from while navigating your life’s journey.

Adam Peters formed Mind Map Renovations LLC in 2022 after 11 years of operating as a change manager in a wide variety of roles and industries. Over this time, he observed that a significant limitation to achieving meaningful change is the lack of focus on the internal transformations that are required for external goals to be realized.

Adam serves as a guide on your journey. He brings to the table a powerful library of proven techniques and applications grounded in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). The changes to your life are often small and incremental, though results are immediate and compound over time.

Learn more about Adam’s Origin Story in the Mind Map Renovations Field Journal.

I've been to MANY Coaches in my almost 40 years of life, and most made me feel like they were just running through the motions. Adam is not most Coaches. Aside from being an incredibly knowledgeable, credible, curious, and attentive human being, Adam is genuine. He cares; he challenges; he gives hope when you really thought there was none. Adam is someone you want in your corner, because that corner very quickly feels more like a window to something truly spectacular.

- Analicia J. (April 2022)

What I love best, is that we try something and he is sure to check in and see if it’s working, what we can do to make it better or different if that approach didn’t land. Adam is always uplifting, encouraging, intuitive, and we go at my pace. This is unlike any experience I have participated in before and have seen the most results with the smallest modifications. Highly recommend to anyone I come across.

- Shay P. (April 2022)

Adam's strengths are making you feel immediately comfortable, seen, and heard. His ability to ask questions and make observations was fantastic- many of the questions he posed opened doors in my mind that helped me reframe things. I was really impressed with how open I felt after our conversations. The information and strategies I have gathered are helping me grow, and I look forward to continuing my coaching relationship with him.

- Maggie P. (July 2022)