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The Blueprint to Happy

Do you have what you need to get by day-to-day, but still can’t seem to find your way to a better headspace?
Be the architect of your own happiness with the Blueprint to Happy, a straight-forward guide on how to transform negative thought patterns into a game-changing preference for positivity.

The Blueprint to Happy is also the inspiration for the Community Happiness Project.

The Blueprint offers a straight-forward six-step process that helps you recognize when your own negativity bias is taking over, how to interrupt it, and how to rewire your brain to prefer positivity instead.

When you have rewired your brain to prefer positivity, you will become a better problem solver, broaden and deepen your relationships and even heal faster. The Blueprint will explain why you can count on these benefits, and describes what larger possibilities await when readers unlock this potential.

How does the Blueprint work?

The Blueprint to Happy is based on a simple premise:

It’s a numbers game

When it comes to finding happiness, the secret is to outnumber your negative thoughts with positive thoughts.
Humans have been conditioned to pay more attention to negative thoughts rather than positive ones as a survival mechanism.
This is called Negativity Bias, and looks a little something like this:
Notice how the single negative event grows and outweighs the five positive events in the brain.
This is because in the past, if we ignored even one potential dangerous situation, it could mean the difference between life and death.
We have come a long way since this initial survival mechanism was hardcoded into our brains, but because of this programming we tend to treat everyday inconveniences, annoyances, missteps, mistakes, and slights as major issues to concern ourselves with.
The result? We are robbed of happiness in favor of fretting over things we can’t control, and are not as life-threatening as our programming would have us believe.

What’s the Goal?

The goal is to train your brain to prefer positivity, which studies have shown drastically increase our abilities to live happier, healthier and fulfilled lives.

The best part about building this preference?

It gets easier over time, until it becomes as easy and simple as breathing.

This is because your brain likes whatever you do most – regardless of right or wrong, healthy or unhealthy.

Still skeptical?

About the Author

Adam Peters, a native Floridian with family ties to Michigan, grew up in Gulfport before settling in St. Petersburg. He pursued his education at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg, where he graduated with a degree in political science—a choice that emerged as a compromise between his initial interests in Business and History. In the realm of political science, Adam delved into the intricacies of human behavior, empirical statistics, and research methodologies, refining his approach to learning and communication.

Graduating in 2009, his early career opportunities paved the way for his eventual specialization as a process and change management expert. Adam’s extensive experience across diverse business sectors has shaped his communication style, characterized by its accessibility and his analytical acumen. This unique blend enables him to distill advanced psychological concepts into simple processes, empowering others to navigate successfully toward happiness even in challenging circumstances.

This passion for connecting dots serves as his driving force, evident in his commitment to sharing his insights with the world through his passion project—the Blueprint. Through the Blueprint and the sharing of his personal journey, Adam hopes to inspire readers to connect their own dots, embark on a journey of learning, and experience personal growth that enriches their lives with the things that they love.