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If you are like me, you have been waiting for a call to action that is both attainable and effective in making an actual difference in the world.

Well, this is it.

This is your chance.

A National Science Foundation study has shown that 80% of people’s thoughts are negative. And 95% of those thoughts are repetitive. That is a ratio that desperately needs to change!

  • When our thoughts are negative, so are our outlooks, it opens the door for chronic illness and it makes us practically incapable of empathy.
  • Dramatic improvements in mental health have been linked to a 3-to-1 positive to negative thought ratio.
  • Thinking positively is a great way to be nice to yourself!

Being nice to yourself is not a spa day. It is about giving yourself grace and investing in what is best for your mind, body and spirit.

Being nice to yourself is the most basic form of empathy.
What do you get from being nice to yourself?
Freedom from the insecurities that make you miserable and liberation from the self-doubt that cripples your ability to truly pursue your purpose.

Without first learning to give yourself empathy, you will not be able to give empathy to others.

The world is suffering from a record high Empathy Gap. Empathy for yourself is the first, and most essential step to close that gap.

From self-talk to reframing, being nice to yourself means committing to self-compassion in all areas of your life. Instead of beating yourself up over a mistake, celebrate the opportunity to learn. Instead of letting the careless statements of others ruin your day, remind yourself that everyone is on their own journey and you know exactly who you are.
When you extend empathy to yourself as automatically as you can turn on a tap of water, you will find how easily it will flow when it comes to the people around you – loved ones and strangers alike.


Do you want to take up the call to action and pledge to be nice to yourself in all the right ways, but aren’t quite sure on how to get started? Consider these options:
Field Journal
Use the Mind Map Renovations Field Journal to learn everyday techniques that will make it easy to be nice to yourself!
Courses & Services
Check out the Mind Map Renovations Courses & Services page to see if something more interactive would work for you.
With each new applied technique, you are helping the world become a better place by making real gains on closing the Empathy Gap.
When you model the Be Nice To Yourself way of life, people are going to notice. Invite them to answer the call to action and together we will make the world a more empathetic place.

Imagine the possibilities!

Are you on board and want to do more?

If you want the world to be a better place, start with yourself – and encourage others to do the same!
Purchase a sheet of stickers and stick them at your favorite hangouts around your town!

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