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Welcome to the Community Happiness Project!

Our Mission

To create happiness through increased positivity in our communities resulting in a kinder, more caring world.

You can find the 1st ever Community Happiness Project spot on the southeast corner of 32nd Ave & 17th St N of St. Petersburg, FL.

This concept has been inspired by Gary King’s Happiness Experiment as well as by psychologist Barbara Fredrickson’s life-long research which she summarizes in her book Positivity: Groundbreaking Research Reveals How to Embrace the Hidden Strength of Positive Emotions, Overcome Negativity, and Thrive.

The Community Happiness Project features a sign post with directions and distances to many different and far-reaching places in the world. The sign post is capped off with the iconic Happiness sign – one like many of the 500+ signs already peppering the areas of St. Petersburg and Gulfport, FL.

The idea is that Happiness is right here, in the exact place you are standing, and that you can and should take it with you everywhere that you go.

The Community Happiness Project is all about building visual reminders to look for and to participate in positivity. When you do that, your brain begins to prefer positivity which makes it more able to problem solve, results in more productive self talk, and helps us bounce back faster from tough or challenging times.

Who is doing this?

This guy... with a lot of help from his friends and family!

Hello there! My name is Adam and I’m a Happiness Ambassador, Speaker and author of The Blueprint to Happy. My goal over the course of my lifetime is to help as many people as possible live happy and fulfilling lives. In order to do that, I believe we need to start right where we are. So, what better place to start than in my very own neighborhood?

This project would not be possible without the incredible support of my family, friends and neighbors. In fact, many of the elements of the Community Happiness Project come directly from the neighborhood or local businesses.

The results so far have been amazing! I’ve met so many more of my neighbors and I believe the smile factor of those passing by has increased by at least 10x!

Why are you doing this?

Why aren't you?

There is an African proverb that goes like this:

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

When you tune into the news or your social media feed, it can be easy to feel divided and isolated from the kind of life we all instinctively wish to live – a life that is peaceful and happy. But if you spend time walking the blocks of our neighborhood, you will almost always be able to get a friendly wave, be able to visit a Free Little Library with a constant rotation of new and interesting books, listen to the birds chirping happily and children laughing and playing. On some nights, you can even hear the jam sessions of the musicians in our midst.

We live in a big world. There are 330 million people in this country alone. To meet everyone of them for just a single minute – 60 seconds each – would take 636.6 years. Who has that kind of time? It’s impossible! What is possible, however, is to meet and connect with the people who you share the most space with – the people in our neighborhood. And when we do that, our ability to feel safe, secure, and happy is much greater.

The hope for this little project is that we can remind ourselves of the little joys of living every day, and that we do that living together – as a community and make the best of our limited time on planet Earth.

Evolution of the CHP

The road so far...

This is really cool! How can I get involved?

Great Question!

You have many options available, so feel free to pick any of these!


Dream up a Community Happiness Project for your own space, and then make it happen!

Pro-Tip: think about what you, as a child, would have thought would be neat in your neighborhood. Connecting with your inner child is always a good idea, and the neighborhood children of today will get to enjoy your youthful expression.


Leave feedback in the form at the bottom of this page for what cool and interesting things we can put in this space.


Donate materials like big rocks, gravel, sculptures, paint, artwork, bricks, etc. that could be used for the project. Use the form below to inquire about donating materials before dropping them off, please. :)

You may also help keep the Community Happiness Project evolving by making Love Donations through either of the two options below: