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Personal Story

Origin Story

By April 12, 2022December 8th, 2022No Comments
Hi, I’m Adam. Welcome to this first installment of the Mind Map Renovations Field Journal!


I’m glad you’re here, because it means you’re interested in and curious about the transformations that are possible in your life. You are, in fact, in the right place, though I know what you’re probably thinking –

Can this guy really help me? Do I even need help? Why should I listen to what he has to say?

These are fair questions, and you deserve answers to them. So here is a little bit about me, and why I am so confident that I can help you.

I picked up my first book about Neuro Linguistic Programming, or NLP, in 2018 – a more innocent time, if compared with what 2020 and beyond had in store for us.


Learning about NLP was an awakening for me.

Not one that was too dissimilar from the one I’d had at the age of 10. That awakening came with the help of a volunteer tutor from Stetson Law College assigned to me in my last year of Elementary school. Up until that point I had been diagnosed with a Learning Disorder and my tutor was allowed to work with me once a week in the library. It was thanks to her dedication and personalized time and focus that she was able to explain things to me in a way that finally clicked.

Baseball? Easy. Math and spelling? Terrifying.
After that, I was driving in the fast lane – voted Most Likely to Succeed in Middle School circa 1999 and making the Honor Roll until I graduated with Honors from the University of South Florida in 2009.

And all I had really done was turn my considerable curiosity and focus towards all things academic.

I discovered that while I had been labeled with a Learning Disorder, I actually love learning. I love everything about it – the stimulation from being exposed to new things, the picture in my mind that is filled in with each new learning, and the advantages knowledge invariably brings with it. This love of learning has never faded, and the introduction to NLP was yet another game-changer in my life. Here’s why:

Academic excellence does not always, some may argue rarely, translates one-for-one to emotional intelligence. By the time 2018 rolled around, emotional intelligence was still a pretty big blind spot for me. If I got angry or upset, I was certain it was because someone else was making me feel that way. NLP challenges that presupposition, asserting that the list of things you cannot control is vast and practically never-ending but the list of things that can be controlled is both finite and unequivocal. You can control how you respond to the externalities of life, and that is just about it.

Let me say the important part again:

What you can control
is how you respond.

This was a pretty big deal for me, and it was the entry point for all the NLP learnings that followed. For example: the words you use to speak to yourself really matter – when it comes to your mood, physical & mental health, world view, ability to endure challenging times, and so much more. To say it a different way, words are one of the important ways in which you interface with the 3 pound glob in your head that runs your entire life, otherwise known as your brain.
Neuroscience is entering its Gilded Age in terms of what we are finally able to unlock, and pioneers like you and me will be the very first to benefit from the confirmation of what many ancient cultures seemed to intuitively understand. We have an amazing amount of influence over our body and spirit through the intentional and habitual collaboration with our minds.
While on my learning journey, I have applied these principles and others to great effect. I am, in essence, Patient Zero. As the benefits to my life mounted, I began to look around to see who else in my life could gain from the knowledge I’d unlocked. I didn’t have to look long or far to find people suffering from stuck-states, and mindsets that were holding them back rather than propelling them forward. Another learning emerged as I expanded my reach; NLP isn’t a silver bullet – it is a lifestyle change.
And it is a change you have to want to make in order for it to be effective. After that, it is actually rather remarkable the progress that you can make.
So then the question became, how best to find people who want to make a positive change in their lives?


Well, that brings us to now.

The decision to launch myself into the business of helping people was strengthened in the long months of 2020, when the world ground to a stop and so much uncertainty piled on top of what hadn’t exactly been easy times to begin with. I suspected that the problems we were facing before would only be magnified by a global pandemic that was certain to bring loss, heartache and a fresh wave of generational trauma. And there I was with the drive to help but no vehicle to make use of it.
I contemplated this as things did not necessarily return to normal so much as we arrived at a new-normal. Silver linings of the 2020 catastrophe began to emerge – for example: a real and overdue interest and acknowledgement forming in the public sphere surrounding the importance of mental health.  I used the opportunity of time and need to certify my knowledge, taking accredited courses that would allow me to confidently offer my learnings to those who were ready to improve their lives not just in the short term – but for the long haul.
I believe that I can help you because I want to help you. In addition to that, I am very good at connecting dots, and I have spent many hours accumulating the knowledge and curiosity to bring you many tools in which to accomplish your goals.
My focus for transformation is on the inner world – the one where you are the supreme and all-powerful ruler. In a world where there is so little you can control by comparison alone, the only important thing becomes focusing on what you can control.
The results are both liberating and life changing.
I hope we get the opportunity to discover what that means for you together.
As to the question of if you are in need of help, check out the second installment of the Mind Map Renovations Field Journal: Who Can Benefit From a Coaching Partnership?